The fun in doing Bridals before or after your big day.

The Bridal Portrait is the definition of effortless beauty... its you, in your most beautiful form, in the most important dress you'll ever wear. The dress you chose that makes you feel the most uniquely you, the dress you feel comfortable in and forget about your imperfections, the dress you've dreamt about since childhood. The dress you choose to wear on your wedding day is your statement to the world about who you are. But sadly, the reality of wedding days is they become a blur... there is so much to do and see and try and take in in the short time you have your gown own, that I often tell my brides when we being discussing our photo plan for the wedding, to make some time to be photographed all alone, with no family and friends, the only exception being your soon to be spouse. (Or spouse, after the wedding)

There is no substitute for the ease of the Bridal session without distraction and the stresses of squeezing it all in on one day. Even the most traditional bride could benefit from a Bridal portrait session before her day and in turn have the photographs to look back on for a lifetime. They tend to be a little more artistic also, and there is room to add in many ideas and concepts. Bridal sessions can even be done after the wedding, and often make for the best photos... absolutely NO stress, and the playfulness of newlywed life is easily captured. So, if you're in the process of planning a wedding, take a minute to think about the option of separate Bridals before or after your big day. I promise you wont regret the decision.